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Mollie McPhee

Mollie McPhee

as organic growers, We strive to improve the health of our soils, select varieties for optimal flavor and nutrition, and support a sustainable farm ecosystem.

How It Works:

CSA stands for "Community Supported Agriculture," an operational model of a farm where customers pay for a "share" of the harvest upfront, then receive produce "dividends" as they become available. In New England, investments of CSA members during the colder off-season months enable a farm to cover necessary expenses like seed purchases and equipment repairs in advance of the growing season.

Mollie McPhee

Mollie McPhee

We offer a Full Year Share that includes 24 weeks of vegetable pickups, usually from mid-June through November. Members also have the option of dividing the season in two parts, and may choose to just participate in the Early Season Share (mid-June through the end of August), or the Late Season Share (which runs from September through the end of November). In addition, we offer a Pick-Your-Own Share, Flower Share, Egg Share, Pork Share and Lamb Share.

All shares are limited. Find more information and SIGN UP HERE


what does a csa share at clark farm yield?

Mollie McPhee

Mollie McPhee

• Certified organically-grown vegetables and berries, harvested at peak nutritional value

• The opportunity to learn how your food is grown and know the farmer who is growing it

Support of sustainable agriculture and the local economy, including over 30 jobs for adults and young people

• Spring CSA Potluck, Fall Pig Roast

• A weekly e-newsletter containing seasonal recipes, as well as an update on the crops and notice of upcoming events

• Opportunity to help ensure Clark Farm's future